10 Must-Have Party Wear Kurti Colors in Your Wardrobe

A woman's closet needs a revamp with some stylish party wear kurtis. For festive occasions and glamorous nights out, desi girls want to look like the divas they are. With so many colors, prints and styles available, it can be confusing knowing which shades deserve a place in the wardrobe. These are the 10 must-have party wear Lucknowi chikan kurta colors that will make a woman slay like a Bollywood star.

Top Kurti Colors to Choose For Your Next Party

Check out some of the best kurtis colors that need to be in your cart immediately!


A fiery red kurti is an absolute essential for the sassiest of soirées. This ravishing hue oozes confidence, passion and perfection. A red party wear kurti is bound to turn heads and make men swoon. Look for rich, vibrant shades that say "seductress" and it will be an outfit to repeat over and over.


There's an elegant luxury about a bottle green party wear kurti. This jewel-toned stunner strikes the perfect balance between glam and sophistication. It has a vintage, old-world charm while still looking fresh and modern. Paired with the right accessories, a green kurti gives regal Rani vibes fit for Bollywood royalty.


A classic black kurti is always a good choice. Black is a timeless wardrobe staple that works for any occasion. Black has a magical slimming power and adds an instant edge to even basic kurtis. Layer on accessories and the little black kurti will make a woman look like a total smoke show.


To make a serious statement, a vibrant tangerine hue is perfect for the party season. This eye-catching, zesty orange-red shade is bold, beautiful and refreshing. A tangerine kurti is bound to turn heads (in a good way) and radiate pure sunshine and warmth. It's the ideal party wear color for a glowing look.


For the pretty, pastel-loving ladies, a delicate lilac kurti needs a spot in the closet. This sweet, ethereal lavender is very trendy and it's easy to see why. Lilac manages to be both soft and striking while exuding fairy tale charm. It's a dreamy hue that'll make a woman shine like an angel.


Don't overlook the glory of mustard yellow. This rich, earthy tone may not be the first shade that comes to mind for party wear but it's very stylish. Mustard yellow kurtis look equal parts regal and radiant. It's a refreshing change from basic reds and pinks while still packing a punch.


There's nothing more quintessentially festive than a vivid, bright fuchsia pink. This bold, vibrant magenta screams "let's celebrate" in a fun way. A fuchsia kurti is the ultimate party wear pick for feisty ladies who don't mind being the center of attention. It's a happy, playful shade guaranteed to bring a smile.

Rose Gold

Rose gold may technically be a metallic finish rather than a color but it works so well. A vintage rose gold party kurti is the epitome of romantic, feminine glamour. This warm tint has a beautiful antique touch while still feeling fresh and modern. It's a softer, more demure alternative to bright shades that still catches the eye perfectly.


What's more perfect for special occasions than a festive, ornate gold kurti? This regal, luxuriously shimmery shade has been huge in Indian fashion forever with good reason. Gold is the color of prosperity, wealth and opulence. A blingy, metallic gold party wear kurti is befitting for queens.


An unexpected must-have is a stunning Caribbean blue for the kurti collection. This refreshing, oceanic azure packs a vibrant punch. It's eye-catching yet still has a calming, cool-toned vibe. A Caribbean blue party wear kurti feels equally laidback and glamorous - the perfect fun-meets-flirty combo to shine bright.

These are the top 10 party wear hues that need to be added to a woman's kurti collection right away. From head-turning brights to romantic, vintage-inspired shades, these statement colors are bound to make her the life of any event. Don't be afraid to experiment and get creative with styling these colorful lucknow chikan kurta.