Our Story

The culture and tradition of our beloved country, India is saturated with such enrapturing beauty and artistry, an allure which exudes an idiosyncratic elegance, and within the intricacies of this tradition is the artform of Chikankari – a delicate form of Indian embroidery which finds its place in the hearts of all.

Celebrating and honouring this unity, tradition and legacy, our family came up with the idea of LUCKNOWI CHIKAN STORE as an easy and accessible online platform which aims to deliver this unique experience of Indian history when we noticed the growing trend of online chikankari and decided to take our business online to showcase our exceptional products.

Our brand which is deeply rooted in the tradition of Indian embroidery is candidly committed to its customers, delivering a wide range of fine and high quality traditional Chikankari Womenswear- from decent kurtas and sarees to beautiful salwar kameez and dupatta. We work with skilled artisans who treasure their years of experience in the craft, ensuring pronounced care , attention and detail in every product.

Our brand- THE LUCKNOWI CHIKAN SOTRE is more than just a brand. It is an amalgamation of art and comfort, of refinement in the conventional, of an exhibition of India through clothing accessible to people all over the world, as it lauds this heritage for generations to come.