10 Tips to Look Slim in Long Kurtis

Most Indian women have grown up trying to imitate the style and gestures of Bollywood divas who are often considered role models. You may even be stalking their Instagram accounts to get a glimpse of their personal lives and to see how they behave and how they dress up on various occasions like their birthdays, weddings, and of course vacations.

We all are unique individuals with different personalities of our own. We all are blessed with beautiful structures, yet we yearn for those perfect curves that the bold and sassy Sushmita Sen and Kiara Advani possess. 

We can't play around too much with nature, and neither can we change God's ways but there are methods by which we can create the illusion of having a taller, slimmer body even if we don't have one naturally. One such foolproof way is by wearing a long kurti which is a wardrobe staple for every Indian woman.

The long Lucknowi kurta is something that will always have your back and make you look effortlessly stunning. Let's have a quick look at a few tips to look slim and attractive in long kurtis.

How to Look Slim in a Long kurti?

1) Choose The Right Fit

However beautiful or expensive your kurti may be, it is a waste if it doesn't fit you well. An exquisite dress without a proper fit is no good! The fit of a kurti can make or break your overall look. The right fit makes your best assets look proportionate and even stand out. If you are not sure what works best, choose to wear a long kurti that hugs your shape and enhances your silhouette. Oversized kurtis or loose kurtis can make you appear larger whereas a well-fitted straight kurti can make you look sleek and slender - just as you would like to see yourself in the mirror.

2) Opt for Vertical Lines

Vertical lines are a slim girl's best friend! Look for long kurtis with vertical stripes, embroidery or prints that create an elongating illusion. This clever visual trick draws the eye up and down, instantly making you appear taller and more statuesque. It's like getting those endless Deepika Padukone legs without any effort!


3) Cinch That Waist, Honey

Highlighting your tiniest part is key to achieving that coveted hourglass shape. Opt for long kurtis with a defined waistline or pair them with stylish belts to cinch the fabric at your waist. This will give you those curves that are sure to turn heads!

4) It's All About the Length

The length of your kurti can make a huge difference in how slim you look. As a rule offashion, opt for kurtis that fall just above or below your knees. This length creates the illusion of endlessly long legs, making you look leaner and taller instantly.

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5) Work that Monochrome Magic

Monochrome looks are sleek, chic and flattering! Rocking a long kurti in a single solid color from head-to-toe creates one unbroken line that has a mega slimming effect. It's a styling hack followed by Bollywood.

6) Embrace Those Darker Hues

Haven't you heard? Darker colors are a girl's best friend when it comes to looking slim and trim. Look fabulous in deep, rich shades like navy, plum or forest green long kurtis. These hues have an insta-slimming effect and add a touch of sophisticated glamour too!


7) Accessories are Everything

While accessories can uplevel any outfit, they can also make or break a slim look. Stick to long, dangling necklaces or statement earrings that draw the eye vertically and create the illusion of length and height. Steer clear of chunky, bulky accessories that can add visual weight and make you look larger than life (in a not-so-good way!)

8 ) Lightweight Fabrics

Lightweight, flowy fabrics like cotton, linen or chiffon will be your BFFs when trying to look slim in long kurtis. These fabrics drape like a dream over your curves without adding any unwanted bulk or volume. It's like getting that A-lister red carpet look while feeling comfy!

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9) Necklines are Non-negotiable

The right neckline can totally enhance your assets and give you that slimming effect you crave. V-necks and scoop necks help elongate your neck and make you appear slimmer. Boat necks create the illusion of wider shoulders, balancing out your proportions for that model-esque look.

10) Most Importantly, Own It!

At the end of the day, the biggest secret to looking like a million bucks is wearing your confidence like a killer accessory! Stand tall, chin up and work that long kurti like you just walked off a runway. When you exude attitude and self-assurance, you'll be giving those Bollywood bombshells a run for their money!

So keep these tips in mind to always look slim, stylish and sexy in your Lucknowi chikan kurti. Whether you're hitting the mall or attending a festive occasion, these fashion hacks will ensure all eyes are on you! Celebrate your gorgeous, unique self while channeling those diva vibes. You're going to rock those kurtis like the queen you are!