Your Complete Guide on How to Wear Kurti with Style

The humble kurti has been an Indian wardrobe staple for ages, but it's experiencing a major renaissance on the fashion scene lately! What was once considered a simple, no-frills garment has now been elevated into a stylish statement piece that oozes ethnic elegance. 

Whether you prefer sleek Lucknowi dress or ones adorned with embroidery and prints, there are countless chic ways to rock this versatile tunic top. Don't believe us? Just check Instagram and you'll see the kurti being styled up to sublime perfection by fashion bloggers and influencers alike.

But making a kurti look truly glamorous isn't quite as simple as throwing one on with leggings. It requires some strategic styling to strike that perfect balance between comfort and sophistication.

The Classy Professional Look

For work or formal occasions when you need to look polished yet stay true to your cultural roots, the kurti makes an impeccable choice. The key here is keeping everything streamlined and tailored but adding interest through pretty details.


Start with a crisp knee-length Lucknowi chikankari kurta in a rich solid color like plum, teal blue or charcoal gray. Sleek prints and embroidery are fine too, just avoid anything too loud. Pair your kurti with some well-fitted ankle pants or straight cigarette pants in a complementary hue.

Then layer on a tailored jacket or longline blazer over the kurti outfit to instantly elevate the look. Complete the ensemble with classic pumps or dressy embroidered juttis on the feet. Finish with a statement necklace or eye-catching potli handbag. Such a polished kurti look is perfect for work, weddings, pujas and beyond!

The Casual & Cool Look

Want to rock the kurti vibe but lean more casual, comfortable and contemporary? The trick here is playing with proportions and mixing Western and ethnic pieces seamlessly.

Opt for a relaxed boyfriend-style kurti that hits mid-thigh or longer. Keep the hemline slightly asymmetric for added visual interest. You can go solid colors like olive green or blush pink or choose bold vibrant prints for a major style statement.

Pair your loose boho kurti with some distressed or ripped boyfriend jeans in a light wash denim. The kurti + baggy jeans combo is peak casual cool comfort. Add some flat embroidered mules, juttis or perky sandals on the feet to dress it up a notch.

Accessorize with chunky boho jewelry, coin necklaces and jangly bracelets along with a roomy embroidered tote or hobo bag. You can additionally throw a printed kimono or jean jacket over the shoulders if needed.

The Ultra-Glam Look

For this ultra-glam kurti look, start with a heavily hand-embroidered style adorned with silk threadwork, pearls, sequins or semi-precious stones. Luxurious fabrics like brocade, velvet or crepe also add richness. Pair this ornate kurti with sultry cigarette pants or a fitted churidar in a jewel-toned hue to match the outfit's richness.


Slip into some embellished heels or glitzy juttis to keep that extravagant momentum going. Make your accessories major statements too, like layered polki necklaces, chunky kundan bangles or chandelier earrings adorned in meenawork. Grab a plushy velvet clutch to complete the opulent look.

The Quirky & Fun Look

Last but not least, we have a playful Lucknowi kurti style meant to showcase your personality and bring a smile to faces! Embrace bright colors, quirky prints and unique silhouettes for a look that feels youthful and vibrant.

Have fun with asymmetrical Lucknow chikan kurta cuts, tunic shapes with funky hemlines or cape-style drapes. Mix and match contrasting patterns like stripes with florals or geometrics with paisley.

It's all about understanding your personal style, the occasion and the mood you want to convey. Then have fun mixing and matching designs, fabrics, accessories and pairings to create bold ethnic-inspired looks that feel uniquely 'you'. That's the true beauty of fashioning a kurti into a modern style statement!


Q: How to look attractive in a kurta?

A: To look attractive in a kurta, choose a well-fitted style that flatters your body shape. Opt for lightweight fabrics like cotton or chiffon and pair it with comfortable bottoms like palazzos or churidar pants. Accessorize with complementary jewelry, a stylish dupatta, and comfortable footwear.

Q: Is kurti a formal wear?

A: Kurtis can be worn as formal wear depending on the fabric, design, and occasion. While cotton or casual kurtis are suitable for everyday wear, silk or embroidered kurtis with formal pants or salwars can be considered formal attire for events or workplaces with traditional dress codes.

Q: How to look slim in kurti?

A: To look slim in a kurti, choose styles with vertical patterns or embroidery that create a slimming illusion. Opt for kurtis with a slight A-line cut or side slits to flatter your figure. Pair it with slim-fit bottoms and avoid bulky fabrics or loose-fitting kurtis.

Q: Which hairstyle is best for kurta?

A: Simple and sleek hairstyles often complement the graceful look of a kurta. An open, straightened hairstyle, a low bun, or a half-up, half-down style can highlight the neckline of the kurta. Braids or a ponytail can also work well, especially for casual or ethnic occasions.